GYO Food Initiative – the Next Step

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All residents in the next few days will receive a letter from the Council. This letter describes yet again our plans for the GYO Food Initiative and requires ALL residents either to vote in favour or against. A stamped addressed envelope will be included for easy return to the Council. Please vote in favour.

The strength of support will determine the outcome of the next steps required, including application for ministerial approval of our plan. The survey we, the Residents’ Association, conducted earlier produced only a disappointingly low response rate of 15%.  We need to do better; please return the Council’s form IMMEDIATELY.

To remind you of the facts –

1.   the plot ear-marked for this initiative is off the Estate, although adjoining; it has been overgrown for years

2.  the GYO Initiative does not draw on funding from the Council and therefore does not represent a cost to the Estate

3.  the initiative will be open to all residents willing to work in setting up and maintaining the GYO Food plot; their reward will be in sharing the collectively grown fruit and vegetables

4.  members will receive training in gardening skills

5.  our initiative is no.  843 in the 2012 planned to be in place across London by the end of next year; this 2012 initiative is enjoying wide-spread support and a first grant has been received to help our start-up; we will be looking for more support from businesses and shops in the area, and require volunteers to assist in this too.

We hope to be able to have the GYO plot ready for next year’s growing season – your strong support will help ensure that we succeed.

Many thanks.

The Gardening Club Coordinator




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