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upcycled drawers
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Lots of perfectly good items of furniture and toys get dumped outside for the Council to take away, so if you’re having a clear out – or if you’ve grown more fruit and veg than you could possibly eat before it goes rotten – let others know what you’re giving away by posting here, then hopefully your unwanted stuff can be re-homed and up-cycled rather than end up in a landfill site.

For security reasons you can always ask that a member of the Residents’ Association call you to confirm the bona fides of the person, or even accompany them when arranging collection.


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2 Responses to Free Stuff & Exchange

  1. Marcello says:


    We live on Searles Close and have a spare set of silver venitian blinds that would fit all 3 upstairs bedrooms of a 3-bedroom maisonette. Brand new with all fixtures and fittings

    Happy to give them away for free. If anyone is interested please contact me on

    Thank you, Marcello.

  2. robert north says:

    great idea but where does one see the list of what is available and how does one add an item?

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