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A large mixed community like Ethelburga is always looking our for volunteers, not just for our gardening initiatives but for many other things, like – assisting the elderly with their shopping; arranging the Big Lunch street party; running classes; being on Committees; bingo calling ………….  you name it, we have a need for it.

So, if you have some time on hand and would like to offer something to this community, please be in touch. It does not have to be unpaid only, for instance you might wish to offer conversation classes in your native language for which their might be a number of people willing to make a contribution for your time and the opportunity to practice / learn your language.

Whatever idea you come up with, feel free to explore with us.

Volunteer Coordinator



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2 Responses to Volunteering & Sponsorship

  1. admin says:

    Responded directly in a private communication.

  2. Alison Newell says:

    I live in Worfield Street and would be interested in volunteering for gardening. I do not have lots of time spare but do daily walk past the plot on Worfield street and imagine how it could be improved and maintained!

    I would also be happy to help with assisting the elderly in any way.

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