Miracle Tree Productions

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On Wednesday 14th, this group of actors gave their show-casing performances in front of a wider public. The dress rehearsal at the Community Centre was attended by this writer, who was impressed with the standards of acting. This group have been training every week for the last year at our Community Centre, under their gifted teacher John Osborne Hughes. His production company, Miracle Tree, runs courses under the heading ‘the Spiritual Psychology of Acting” in London, New York and Los Angeles.

What impressed me was that a number of the students mentioned that they had come for the meditation classes alone, but then discovered that, as they got in touch with who they truly were, they wanted to express themselves through acting!

John (in black, in the centre of the picture) is willing to start a class for Ethelburga and neighbourhood residents. If you might be interested, please drop us a note.

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One Response to Miracle Tree Productions

  1. John Hughes says:

    Thanks so much for the write up! We all had a wonderful time working on the production and we are all extremely grateful for the support and general enthusiasm given by the Ethelburga staff!

    This Saturday 7th January there is a special one day workshop on Creative Visualisation. The workshop is open to all and is an excellent way to set some personal goals and kick off 2012! There are a few places left and we are happy to offer Ethelburga residents a 15% discount.
    Here are the details and booking link:
    I can be contacted via the website.
    Happy new year!

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