ECSE Limited

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ECSE Limited stands for Ethelburga Community Social Enterprise Limited. Its registration number with Companies House, as a company limited by guarantee, is 07860229.

As its name suggests, it is a company that exists wholly to serve the Ethelburga community. All Ethelburga residents and leaseholders are entitled to become members of the company. Only members are entitled to vote on company matters, including the appointment of directors who are responsible for the running of the company.  Members approve any plans the directors prepare and propose for the company.

Members guarantee to contribute £1.00 to the company in the event it runs into financial difficulties. Any surplus the company is able to generate from its activities is wholly re-invested in  the company and the Ethelburga community. As there are no shareholders, no dividends are payable to anybody.

The company has 3 primary responsibilities –

A.        to run the Ethelburga Community Centre in accordance with the terms of its lease with Wandsworth Council (see below) and for the benefit of the Ethelburga community and the community at large within a 1 mile radius of the Centre;

B.        to ensure that under its Group insurance policy all activities undertaken on a voluntary basis  by residents and volunteers are fully insured; and

C.        to be the contract partner (‘legal persona’) where any initiative in the Ethelburga community  either requires this or it is felt desirable. Being this legal persona does not commit the company or its directors to do more than monitor legal compliance to the contract enter into by the initiative in question, e.g. the Ethelburga Community Gardening Club’s GYO Food Initiative. Each initiative will have its own constitution, management structure, operational procedures and bank account.

Lease Agreement with Wandsworth Council  

The following are the pages of the lease agreement between the Company and Wandsworth Council signed on August 31st, 2012 for an initial term of 3 years (the first three pages denote that the company has waved its security of tenure, a requirement of the Council –

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