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Welcome to the website of the Ethelburga community in Battersea, London. Our small patch of the city is home to around 1200 people from all over the world.  It is a great place to live, in the process of becoming even better.

This site was created so that we can share information about the changes coming to Ethelburga and also so that we can share skills and ideas to make Ethelburga a community that we can all be proud to be part of.

If you are an Ethelburga resident and have any suggestions about how we can make improvements, or have any complaints that you would like looked into, please contact the Residents’ Association committee by using one of the modes of contact we list below.

The interests of the residents of the Ethelburga Estate are represented by two different residents associations –

The Ethelburga Community Residents’ Association (ECRA) represents all non-Tower residents, and the Ethelburga Tower Residents’ Association (ETRA) represents the residents of the Tower.

ECRA’s committee is made up of leaseholders and residents :
Peter Lanigan-O’Keeffe (Chair) : Guillaume Simonnet (Treasurer) : Camilla Ker : Jessica Sebastian : Stephanie Tarratt-Cross : Caroline Kresfelder : Alexander Balkan
Jason Roache : Bob North : Viv Johns : Kate Ware : Claudine Cullen :

ECRA may be contacted at :
By Mail : 60 Worfield Street, London SW11 4RA
By Hand : Silver Mailbox to the left of the main entrance of the Community Centre
By Phone: 070 2402 9591

ETRA may be contacted at :  etra@ethelburga.org.uk



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