Herb Garden

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Late last year we took over responsibility for the large garden area to the left of the entrance to the Community Centre and Day Nursery.

The intention is to turn this area into a touchy – feely – smelly herb garden for the youngsters at the nursery.

We are looking for volunteers with ideas on how to make and maintain this herbal space.


In the absence of final plans for the herb garden, we have opted to plant potatoes, for which 2 enthusiastic volunteers from the Day Nursery provided their support. The harvest is expected for June.


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2 Responses to Herb Garden

  1. Emma Brookes says:

    I would love to be involved in planting this area with herbs and have some ideas as to how to manage it.
    I also have some Lavender plants that I can give to the space that will grow and keep a large number of pests at bay (a lot of insects are repelled by lavender).
    In my seed collection I have a lot of different herbs from my window boxes in the past.
    Please feel free to email or call me on 07722885133.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

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