50 Who Took The Challenge

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Saturday 29th September saw the Community Centre as alive and active as it has ever been.  50 youngsters, aged 15 or 16, gathered for the final event in the challenge they entered into early this summer. It was arranged by the Challenge Network, a mostly government supported charity, which gives youngsters in this age bracket an opportunity over a 3 month period to experience a range of things, including being in the country; finding out about different jobs and skills; and doing work in partner-communities.

Ethelburga acted as partner and host for this particular group’s final programme event. All the youngsters participated in activities that ranged from weeding, planting bulbs, cleaning bits of the Community Centre and sorting out one of its store-rooms.

Those residents who volunteered to interact with this group enjoyed the experience immensely and were unanimous in commenting how wrong it is to lump all youngster into negative  behaviour patterns when a group such as this 50 were to patently helpful and a delight to interact with.

The following is a group picture whose average age has been considerably increased by the inclusion of ECRA’s chairman, Peter B Rae –

Below are some of the volunteers who made the leaders of the group confirm that this visit to Ethelburga was the best organised and most enjoyable of their programme. Thank you team.

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