GYO Food Initiative

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The Grow You Own Food Project is the first of the Ethelburga Gardening Club’s activities. We are part of the initiative called Capital Growth which aims to see 2012 new food growing projects in place in London by 2012.

Come and join the fun and reap the reward gained from growing your own food. We aim to be as organic as practicable.

Ethelburga Grow Your Own Food Project Plot - awaiting clearance

You don’t need to be an expert to join us – we just need people who are willing to have a go and who don’t mind getting dirt under their fingernails every now and then.

There are no membership fees. Your work is measured in time-units which can be used to traded in for the fresh vegetables and fruit our collective endeavours will produce.

There are many opportunities to learn real gardening skills. We encourage you to take some of the courses we will be listing on our blog from time to time. Depending on how much knowledge you have or acquire, you will be listed as either a volunteer, or gardener, or master gardener.

Please register your interest and we shall keep you informed of developments and upcoming events.

Up Up-date Photograph (taken 19th May, 2011) – the new gate is almost fully installed

Soon the following will be affixed to the gate – but only after we have worked out a way to be permitted to grow vegetables (which is quite some time away in any event as after clearance of the buddleja davidii it will take some effort to make the space suitable for planting anything safely; buddleja davidii have a reputation of growing back fast and furiously for years to come!)

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One Response to GYO Food Initiative

  1. Virginie Lemee says:

    Dear all , I will be very happy to be part of the GYO Food Initiative
    in our estate …
    I think it’s a very good idea .
    I’m not an expert but I will be happy to learn .
    Will the garden be open every day? …I’m not working on fix days ..It could be any days of the week …
    Please let me know as soon as you know
    Thank you for all your hard work

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