Save London Bees

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When the bees die out, we will most likely die out with them, that is the view of those who fully understand and appreciate the role of bees in our lives. And world-wide bees are dying in extraordinary numbers.

That is why the initiative described more fully on the following site,G9I2,3HUKJN,1BLR0,1 is so very important.

We have the knowledge and skills to keep our own bees on Ethelburga, but first we need everybody’s agreement.  The minuscule risk of being stung by a bee sure is compensated by the contribution we could make to saving the London bee!  Do you agree?



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One Response to Save London Bees

  1. Danilo says:

    I do Agree, and I’m keen on taking part in such initiative
    Back home I always visit my local beekeeper to collect his best honey harvest and love it!
    How great if we could do it in Ethelburga!

    After all BEES PRODUCE SUCH A DIVINE INGREDIENT, not only sweet enough but also has natural medicine properties, that boost our immune system and more.

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