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What do you find most irritating on our Estate?

Please drop us a line and we shall produce a ranking of major irritations in due course.

My biggest irritation is the indiscriminate use of the leaf-blower, clearly most carefully selected to be just of the right pitch to cause maximum irritation. We have complained as Residents’ Association and as individuals – all to no avail. Perhaps it is indicative of something else that the Council’s managers appear unable to control the contractor’s noise-pollution levels.

In fairness, whenever a cleaner was approached directly they would stop on completion of the task in hand, only for the racket to start up again a few days later!

So what’s your greatest irritation?

N.B.: One person left a rather unhelpful comment, which would have been published with a suitable reply, but this person chose to remain anonymous. We don’t do anonymous on this site! (….. and the allegations were investigated and found wanting).

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