Major Works Schedule for Phase-1

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We have been given the programme dates for our Phase-1 Major Works.

For avoidance of any misunderstanding of the term “Major Works”, please note that it has nothing to do with the size or scope of the work to be carried out, rather it reflects jargon within the Housing Department that defines any expenditure over £50,000 as “major”, as it requires an additional level of approval. Remembering this misnomer helps keep expectations at realistic levels, while also strengthening your arguments at the consultation stages.

A better (polite) term for this work is “accumulated maintenance work (AM-Works)”, which is something the Council typically aims to carry out every 7 years, but in the case of Ethelburga’s Phase-1 will be occurring in something like the 13th year (correction please to this date, if required – I quote from memory).

A.    end-September 2011
Housing Department expect to receive first draft of tender specifications for AM-Works

B.    November / December 2011
first round of resident consultations
(i) at this time we shall be able to debate proposals for colours of the non-black buildings
(ii) double glazing for flats that do not already have double glazing is no longer on the agenda

C.    February 2011
based on conclusion and summation of (B) invitations for tender are expected to go out

D.    March / April 2012
second round of resident consultation on the tenders received

E.    May / June 2012
commencement of works on site (will involve putting up scaffolding for a period up to 6 months)

Any changes or updates to this programme outline will be posted here.

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